Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I am about to ban titles on posts....can never think of one...

Oddly enough I am relieved that it is Christmas week.  Last week was so crazy busy that I really feel pretty relaxed now.  We had a Christmas party at our house Saturday.  It was relaxing.  Small- not a lot of people showed, but it was still enjoyable.  I decided inviting a slew of people over just doesn't work.  It is too much work to get your house and food ready, and then I think people don't feel as invited because so many people are invited.  I am going for smaller gatherings in the future!

Also there was an article in the paper here about an older man, Byron.  I have known him for a long time.  He was my high school flame(much longer story there)'s neighbor.  He in a wonderful older man and I used to go visit him at his home up until I got pregnant with the Mover.  Pretty much I stopped for a few reasons, but if I am honest with myself it was mostly because I was afraid I would find him dead everytime I went over there.  I hated that.  He never opened the door (he didn't walk really well) and his hearing wasn't awesome so he always said to just walk in.  So for one reason or another I stopped going to see him.  I have thought about it and felt guilty too many times.  I have driven by- never saw a for sale sign.
ANYWAYS- my mom found an article in the paper about him.

Byron Article
It said in the article that he was at a nursing home here in town.  So I went today,  brought  my baby boy.  It took about 10 mins. for him to remember me.  He was very apologetic.  But really what do I expect?  I am a slacker (no visits for a year and a half) and he is 90 years old.  I left with mixed emotions.  I will go back though.  He has no family in town now and I could tell he love the company.  He got a little teary when he thanked me for coming.  He lost his wife probably about 12 years ago now.  He wouldn't say it but I think he is ready to go be with her. 

It was a little surreal for me.  Kind of took me back to a different time in my life.  But good- it felt good- I needed to go.  And I need to go again.  He is "my people" by some weird twist and I am not gonna be a pansy because I don't like nursing homes or because I hate to see him grow so weak.  I wouldn't want to be forgotten before I am gone.  So I won't forget him.

So it is Tuesday.  I ran all over town today.  Little Mover was seriously about to mutiny on the carseat.  I made puppy chow (yum) and in the processes of making a few meals- a one for us and on for a co-worker of the Hubs.  The Mover isn't napping cause he slept in the car a little this morning, but I am believing if he talks in his crib long enough he may doze off=).

So that is my day.  I love Christmas and downhill skiing but I think I could move somewhere warmer.  Just sayin'.

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ProudMom said...

When was the last time you were down hill skiing? I miss it....I think if it were free, I'd indulge myself more often. I'm gonna go read the Byron article...I ran all over town today too...surprised I didn't run into you. I'm excited for Christmas. :)