Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the hard "c" sound

My son likes to walk around saying, "C" "C" as in cold- yeah "C" means cold.  Well it is cold outside, colds seem to be bouncing back and forth between my son and I.  Hubby has steered clear so far.  First a snotty cold, then a fevery cold, now a sore throat...ok maybe they are all connected...I don't know.  Not a doctor.

Speaking of words I need to tally here momentarily my Little Movers growing little vocabulary...


I think that is all.  The "more" sign it turning into a bit of a nightmare.  He uses "more" as everything and looks at me pleading with me to understand him-  I ask him everything I can think of and he gets really annoyed with me and just signs "more" even more fervently.  It is kind of funny really-- he is so intense about it.  But I think we probably should work on hungry and thirsty and such.  Also with all the goodies that Christmas brings, he is learning the hard lesson that even when you say please sometime Mom says no.  Wow he is having a hard time with that one-- a little drama in the Teterud house=)!

lots of climbing and chattering=)

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