Thursday, January 6, 2011

1.  My tree is still is hubby would probably take it out if I reminded him, but I don't, because it is not dead and I love it- it is the perfect tree.  ( I just tried to find a picture but hubby's memory card has disappeared and my camera just got resurrected from my parent's truck where it has been since deer hunting).  So just picture the best tree- yep that was mine.

2. I had an emotional breakdown yesterday because I realized I am yet again lost in the job of parenting and not sure how to get the boy to stop whining and being crazy.  Weird to love someone so much and still clearly see that they are being downright naughty.  So anyway my lovely husband showed his love for me in a way I could definitely understand.  I called him at work (school was over but he was still working- as teachers often do)- crying- he said he would be home in 10 minutes - which essencially means he set everything that he needed to do aside and hurried home.  He took the Mover out for dinner and the the C'mon Inn (we like to go to hotels to run him around- lots of open space=)) and then bought me a "Get Well" balloon and the dollar store.  It might has been the sweetest thing ever.  I sat at home and breathed and drank a cup of tea and prayed and slowly felt sanity return. Honestly 3 hours later when they return I was ready to see them.  I didn't mind though that the Hubby still got him ready for bed and laid him down- no responsibility for me.  It was so needed.

3. I realize just know that to stay in this happy, sane place I need to take a nap while the Mover does - so I better get on that biz.


Erika May said...

sleep makes everything better! oh, and that little bit of alone time too :)

rob and tiff said...

i love that your husband did this for you. reminds me of mine. i wish everyone could have husbands like this.