Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fighting My Paper Towel Addiction

A few months ago I went to Nebraska and visited my wonderful friends- The Horst-(www.brandonandamyhorst.com) I love them but that is another story-  Amy Horst (wifey and mom of 2  boys) is all greeny and good.  Ya know compost pile and all?  Well one of those green things she is doing is - eliminating paper towels in her house.  I almost hyperventilated at the idea of days in a house with my son without paper towels!  And to be fair they do keep paper napkins around for guests like me.  But I decided to be brave and try it.  Well I survived a few days without them and my son wasn't dirty all the time- huh crazy!
Every time I go to the store I about get nauseous having to spend so much of my precious food budget on dang paper towels- we have a real love- hate relationship!  So I did it!  Took the plunge!  After reading lots of opinions about what is best to use instead of paper towels, I decide on bar mops ( got a few packs from Target) and wash cloths, for the little messy faces and such- they were on sale at Target for..like $1.50 per pack of 6.  Then I bought 2 microfiber towels for windows and such.  Total I spent $14.  I haven't gone cold turkey but I am definitely cutting down.  I think I just threw the tube from the roll I put on there 2 weeks ago.  That may not sound great, but I was burning through paper towels like there was no tomorrow.  And when they run out I am not buying more.  The only thing I really like them for still are the "hey I think I want to dump my bowl of soup on the floor Mom" moments!
I would love to tell you that I am just really earth-friendly but it is probably more true that I am cheap=).  Oh and I got 6 new Bum Genius 4.0 pocket diapers- love them so far and finally feel like after 18 months of washing I have enough diapers!

So there- I am conquering  my addiction to paper towels- never thought it would happen.   In other news- I think my brain is frozen because I just am a flake this week... can't keep track of anything- I blame it on the fact that I am frick in frack freezing in this arctic wasteland called Wyoming- not joking -15 or something in the mornings- dang cold.  Did I just say frick and frack?  Haven't heard that one in a while.

Little Mover has been saying something super funny lately but every time I try to get some audio he stops-  but wait for it- its comin'!

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Erika May said...

paper towels are addictive! i've pretty much eliminated them myself and only keep them around for cleaning the toilets...i just decided to be ok with cleaning up the soup with a dish rag and rinsing it out...now to tackle the whole "using so much water" thing :)