Monday, January 17, 2011

This last week I didn't meal plan- because, well, by nature I am not a planner.  So I just didn't!  It wasn't pretty I tell ya!  I spent my grocery money and still didn't have what I needed and couldn't figure it out.  Super frustrating- got my week all out of wack!  Also this week I really realized something I already kind of knew.
I grocery shop for most things at Wal-Mart- don't judge me. And lately they have raised the price of milk and I have been bitter.  Through this I realized that they price match with any local stores that has things cheaper.  So our Smith's (Kroger) has had milk for $2 instead of $2.50 (Wal-Mart).  At the register I just tell them that and they give me the new price!  I save a dollar (two gallons)!  Then I found this blog...opened my eyes... this dad explained the extent of price matching at Walmart and how much you can save.  Now they only take local sales so mine aren't as many as his, because I don't have as many competitors in town but still it got me formulating.....
So today I sat down and made a meal plan for the whole next month (23rd to 23rd- payday aka payday) Then I listed all the items that I would need weekly so I can buy bulk- if cheaper, or look for sales on those items.

So I have gotten this far but am a little nervous about spending so much of my monthly budget up front  but it makes more sense...also a little nervous about going in and price matching a bunch of stuff and them looking at me like I am crazy.  So I am prepared- I have my Wal-Mart price matching policy and am ready for the ads to come out tomorrow.  Also I am getting mixed answers about if I can price match and have a manufacture coupon for the same product??  I also don't want to get so couponing happy I am buying things I wouldn't even normally buy, just because I am getting a $1.00 off- ya know?  I couldn't sleep last night because I was consumed with these thoughts.

I will let know know how it all goes next week!  I am excited..and is good though...I like saving money=).

Happy MLK Day- my Hubs is home and hanging with the Mover- he loves his daddy and I love them both!


Erika May said...

thanks for clarifying (as much as you could) the price matching thing. i will definitely keep this in mind. i really don't like walmart but i shop there too!

K_I_T_ said...

Hey, any way to save a buck is worth it. Have you see the tlc show extreme couponer? the lady had a bill of over 800$, and after all her coupons, she only owed 4.00$!!!! Crazy! She treats it like a job though. Who knows....maybe I will see you on that show one day! (just kidding!)

Megan said...

Love this post! I really should price match more. I admit am kind of a savings-addict. I clip coupons and "hunt" for the best sales in KC, but we have lots of competition around here. (I always get mad when I pay more than $1 for most anything

Since you referenced milk. I wanted to let you know that the "got milk?" group just started a contest to win free milk for a year:

You can also get a coupon (even if you don't win) for free milk. I got a 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk with the purchase of a 1/2 gallon white milk...but they have different kinds. Hope you win!