Monday, January 31, 2011

price matching update

Just realized, I never let you all know how the whole price matching and meal plan for the month went.  Well I think it went fabulous!  It took a while and I am SO THANKFUL I didn't have the Mover with me,  but it was good!  I am not going to give you a major rundown of everything I bought but my cart was full- hard to push kind of full.  And I spend $135!  That is not bad!  So when I went back and tried to figure out how much I saved it was about 25-30 dollars.  Which I am super happy with that.  Also I learned that every Wal-Mart is different and ours is really laid back.  She didn't even ask to check the ads or anything.  She just was helpful and patient. 

Here is what I learned:

1.  Take the time to circle everything in the ads that you may buy if it is cheaper than that Wal-Mart.

2. On the grocery list - next to the price matched item, some how mark it and but the name of the store you are price matching with (that was the most consuming time wise because I did not do this).

3.  Try to go at a less busy time of day if possible.  I had no one behind me and it really help my nervousness.

4.  It feels super good to leave the grocery store happy! 

Now as long as I stick to the meal plan this should last us a few weeks, minus milk and those staple things and a few little things here and there.  Whhooo hoo!

If you try it in your area, let me know it goes.  I am sure you big town peeps out there can save even more!


Lacey said...

Hey, Grace! Have you ever tried couponing? It's been a HUGE help to us since I started a few years ago (May 2008). When I was really doing great, I was saving 75% of our grocery bill (for example, last January I spent $296.20 on our groceries and SAVED $969.33). I've slacked off a little just because of the busyness of life with four littles (and homeschooling), but my goal is always to save at least as much as I spend.

I hope this doesn't sound like I'm one-upping your savings, because I DO NOT want to do that! Your $30 saved is GREAT, especially with price matching. I think I've only ever price matched once, and it ended up saving me some change. Not much. Ha!

Anyway, let me know if you want the scoop on couponing. I heard about it first from our dear friend Larissa, and it's been WONDERFUL!


grace said...

Lacey I am definitely willing. I have read a lot of blogs and I just can't figure out how to save money with coupons- I mean I coupon here and there but I rarely find coupons for things I need to buy and then they are just like 30 cents off and I still have to pay a few dollars for something I don't really need. I look at all these coupon websites and they seem to all have the same coupons- same as the Smart Source. I also don't want to feel like I have to spend hours a week to make it happen- unless I am saving as much as you! =) I also notice you talk about doubling and tripling..I haven't found anywhere here that does that..or I don't know about it? But yes I would love more info. Email me and I will share on here as well- or just post your basics and I will link to you=) I am always amazing with your savings- maybe I need a Meijer!