Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ruh and um Stuff

So this video is kind of long but is shows his verbal skills at this point.(Ok i put a different was too long and wouldn't load)  Sometimes I worry he isn't talking enough for a 17 month old but then my sis reminded me I have worried about a lot of stuff that just happened and I should chill/  She is right.  It is Thursday.  I think I am going to go with my sister to this little store Holiday Hop thing...don't know how to explain that but I think it will be fun- little girl time!

We watched some show last night about child abductions...I couldn't sleep-  I was tempted to go sleep on the floor in The Movers room but I knew it would be uncomfortable=). 

We went swimming at the rec center today---I think I need to get him a life jacket- he figured out that he can walk in the water (not on the water- no miracle today=)) Be was out of control and kept getting his face in the water.  Pooped him out- pooped me out chasing him!

Does anyone else ever want to take off their arms to sleep?  Not in a bloody gross way- sometimes I just feel like my shoulders are in the way and I can't get comfortable (random- I know)  but I think about these things when I can't sleep.  I also wish they had delivery services for weird things like stamps-- today we ran all over and then got home and crap I forgot to get stamps and my Stella and Dot invites for a party next week! Wouldn't it be great if I could just call someone and they go pick them up?

Today my son was bucking the whole "being strapped into his carseat" (not a fan lately) and he arched back and grabbed the seam of the cloth on the ceiling of the car and pulled!  Oh yeah little felty weird stuff falling down--material crinkling--I can still see it in slow motion!  "Noooo" I yelled-  yeah it stopped him in his tracks I think I scared him so bad he calmed down!  I got in my seat and had to laugh- really- really? Buddy isn't that a little extreme- but that is my son- a little extreme.  Laugh or cry- I will laugh today-- and realize I will have to sell my car REALLY cheap someday if he keeps this up!


ProudMom said...

girl time would have been fun...but I'm glad I didn't hubby's spent. Let's do something similar soon.

Erika May said...

your sister sounds pretty smart, and i think she might have some experience. and STOP watching shows that scare you!

Lacey said...

This is probably going to sound silly, but hearing your voice on the video after so many years away made me miss you! It totally brought me back to many times of talking and laughing. AH, good times.

And Elias is adorable, by the way. And I think you have nothing to worry about with his verbal skills. He seemed awfully vocal in the video, even if he's not saying all coherent words yet. (Three out of four of my kiddos didn't really take off with talking until just before they turned two, if that makes you feel any better.)